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MedExpress Billing strives to be the ultimate platform, offering comprehensive financial and backend support to all entities engaged in healthcare service provision. Our goal is to optimize the revenue for hospitals, labs, practices, and all providers, ensuring they are fully reimbursed for the services they deliver. Our objective is to reduce the burden on healthcare providers while maximizing their collections.


We look forward to revolutionizing the Industry Practices and come up with more refined and innovative solutions that serve to the clients need better.
MedExpress Billing was founded in May 2016 by a group of industry experts and professionals from the services and technology expertise. Intended to deliver a solution oriented and seamless and One stop Revenue Cycle Management and Practice Management system. We laid an immense focus upon the processes and entities involved in Medical Billing and Coding the idea was to develop a system that catered fast service delivery from the process of Patient Scheduling to the Claim generation and Submission to getting the reimbursements for healthcare service providers. We studied thoroughly the major challenges of getting reimbursements from Payors and identified the pain points of healthcare providers while managing the back end, in order to devise an efficient Revenue Cycle Management solution. At every point of our Workflow and service delivery we ensure to leverage technology to further streamline the Revenue Cycle Management for Healthcare Providers.Our dedication towards the provision of enhanced quality of service and seamless solutions in all aspects of the Revenue Cycle from Practice Management to Account Receivable Recovery we have managed to add 500,000 satisfied Healthcare Providers from Physicians to Laboratories.

What Sets Us Apart?

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First Pass Clean Claims Rate
20- 5 %
Revenue Increase
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Reduction in A/R
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Days Turn Around Time
5 %+
Collection Ratios
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120+ AR

Our Core Competencies

MedExpress Billing leverages upon its competencies to ensure an Industry leading Revenue Cycle Management service.


MedExpress Billing recognizes the power of knowledge and expertise and has formulated a team of experts who are highly qualified and skilled in all the domains of Medical Claims from billing to coding. Attached to a continuously evolving industry we keep our team of professionals up to date by training them under the latest guidelines, advancements and revolutions. This ensures a high service delivery through all the dynamic shifts and changes.


We recognize the unique Billing needs and pain points associated with each type of Healthcare Practices and the Medical Billing processes associated with them are different from one another. Our wide range of services are devised to make them flexible to customization and tailoring according to the demand of our customers to serve them to their Maximum benefit.

Innovation and Automation

Our core team consists of technology industry experts, positioning us as early adopters of every innovation. We lead the way in integrating automated solutions into daily billing tasks and processes, pioneering the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to complement our manual workforce. This results in enhanced efficiency and a growing number of satisfied customers. We remain vigilant for changes in billing and coding requirements, adjusting promptly to provide cutting-edge medical billing services and practice management.


At MedExpress Billing, we embrace the philosophy of assuming complete responsibility for every client we engage with. This commitment is exemplified by our outstanding 99% client retention rate. We never leave our customers stranded in any situation, always providing swift solutions to address any problem or hiccup that may arise.

At Med Express, we provide a comprehensive suite of professional billing services and efficient process management to expedite your reimbursement cycle, boost revenue streams, and optimize profitability. We understand the challenges of balancing patient care with financial concerns. If you find yourself diverting valuable resources from patient well-being to financial troubleshooting, it may be time for a check-up on your existing medical billing practices. Let us help you regain your focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional patient care.