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Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)
Billing Services

Our comprehensive ambulatory surgery billing management services are designed to streamline and optimize your financial processes. From claims processing to revenue cycle management, we offer tailored solutions that ensure accuracy, efficiency, and compliance. Trust us to navigate the complexities of ambulatory surgery billing, so you can focus on providing excellent patient care.

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April 1st, 2016


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3 Months


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$700,000 to $1


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Efficient Ambulatory Surgery Billing Solutions

Our specialized solutions are designed to optimize ambulatory surgery billing processes, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. With our expertise, you can expect a smoother billing experience, improved revenue management, and more time to focus on providing exceptional patient care.

We Retrieve Your Missed Revenue

Inefficient billing processes lead to substantial revenue losses annually, with countless claims requiring reprocessing due to errors. At Med Express, we’re at the forefront of regulatory and compliance updates, specializing in efficient hospital billing solutions and collection services. Our dedicated billing team delivers a comprehensive suite of customized services to ensure flawless claims and maximize your revenue recovery.

We Rectify Common Mistakes And Manage Claim Rejections

At Med Express, we specialize in identifying and rectifying common mistakes, ensuring a streamlined approach to managing claim rejections. We recognize that errors, no matter how small, can lead to claim rejections that impose significant costs on your operations. In-house medical billing often compounds these challenges, with repeated claim submissions driving up overhead expenses and reducing profitability. Our dedicated team steps in to address these issues, freeing up your healthcare professionals to focus on patient care, and alleviating unnecessary administrative burdens.

We're Devoted to Your Achievement

At Med Express, our approach to hospital billing and collection is both comprehensive and innovative. We harness the talents of top industry professionals and employ cutting-edge medical billing technologies to deliver unparalleled services. As a hospital billing company, our stringent internal quality control processes guarantee accurate claims and a flawless billing experience from the outset.

Our services cover the entire spectrum, from pre-admission procedures to coding, AR management, collections, and real-time reporting. Hospitals partnering with us benefit from reduced operational expenses, increased reimbursements, higher collection ratios, and the recovery of accounts receivable dating back a full year. We understand that overlooked claims, denials, and underpayments can have a significant impact on your hospital’s finances and, ultimately, its primary focus—patient care. With the growing number of insured Americans, precise charge entry and appropriate billing codes are more crucial to institutional billing than ever before.

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