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Seamless Surgical Billing Services: Your Path to Financial Peace of Mind
At MedExpress, our primary commitment is to provide top-notch and dependable medical billing services for general surgery. Our billing team comprises seasoned general surgery professionals dedicated to securing swift and optimal reimbursements for our clients.

General Surgery Coding and Billing Services for Real-World Results

We comprehend the immense effort and commitment that general surgeons pour into their field. The intricacies of general surgery, medical billing, and coding shouldn’t consume their daily routine. Did you realize that physicians allocate up to a quarter of their time to paperwork?
This is why we suggest entrusting your general surgery billing to a specialized billing company like MedExpress. Our goal is to free you up to concentrate on your true passion: providing patient care.

Save Time, Increase Revenue: Outsource Your General Surgery Billing to Enhance Your Practice

Medical professionals who opt to outsource their surgical practice management to a seasoned billing company often experience a 20–30% boost in their revenue. At MedExpress, we are a trusted general surgery medical billing company that prioritizes the swift and accurate submission of denied or new claims, directly benefiting your financial performance. Our dedicated billing and coding experts not only save you valuable time but also enhance your financial success. Don’t hesitate; choose MedExpress today!

We Handle All Aspects of General Surgery Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding are intricately detailed responsibilities that often prove challenging for numerous medical practices. General surgery billing, in particular, poses complexities for several reasons.

E/M Coding Dilemmas

On occasion, seeing a doctor and receiving a diagnosis may lead to separate billing from the subsequent surgical procedure, while in other instances, it may be classified as a single encounter. Without experienced medical billers, distinguishing the appropriate coding method for each scenario can be challenging.

Surgical Bundles: All-Inclusive Care

Global surgery packages offer a streamlined approach to medical billing, removing the need for multiple individual codes for different elements of a surgical procedure and its related care. Nonetheless, for novice billers, managing the array of packages and their associated codes can be challenging. Given the substantial sums involved in each global surgery package, it’s vital to ensure that claim denials due to coding errors don’t cause reimbursement delays.

Leaving Money on the Table

Complex surgical procedures often involve multiple aspects and practitioners. It’s common for some billable components to be overlooked, resulting in significant revenue losses over time. When healthcare providers fail to bill for all their services, this is known as under-billing. Under-billing not only impacts finances but also breaches billing regulations, potentially leading to legal issues.

MedExpress: Pro RCM for Stress Reduction and Income Boost

MedExpress offers professional Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services to ease
administrative stress and enhance income for healthcare providers.

We Stay Ahead in General Surgery Coding and Compliance

Unlike in a bustling medical practice, MedExpress's dedicated team focuses exclusively on revenue cycle management (RCM), ensuring we remain updated on the latest coding changes and billing requirements set by payers. Our certified and experienced billers and coders are well-versed in general surgery billing and coding, among other specializations.

We Are Here to Boost Your Financial Prosperity

Filing claims quickly and promptly and resolving rejections and denials is essential for maximizing your revenue, and MedExpress Billing's services encompass much more. We handle your entire RCM journey, from payer credentialing to bill collection, with a dedicated presence throughout. Additionally, we manage annual paybacks and conduct compliance reviews. Our innovative medical billing and coding approach is facilitated by our proprietary software, ensuring a seamless process and keeping all coding information up-to-date.


What specific aspects of general surgery billing does your service cover?
Our general surgery billing service covers a comprehensive range of aspects, including accurate coding, claims submission, payment posting, denial management, and compliance adherence. We aim to optimize the revenue cycle for general surgery practices by ensuring efficient billing processes and timely reimbursement.
How does your general surgery billing service handle complex surgical procedures and coding?
Can your general surgery billing service adapt to changes in billing regulations and coding guidelines?
Yes, our general surgery billing service is designed to stay up-to-date with changes in billing regulations and coding guidelines. We actively monitor updates from relevant authorities, such as CMS, and adapt our processes to ensure compliance with the latest industry standards, minimizing the risk of billing errors.
How do you handle insurance claims and denials for general surgery procedures?
Our general surgery billing service employs a robust denial management system. In the event of claims denials, our team conducts thorough reviews, identifies root causes, and implements corrective actions. This proactive approach minimizes future denials, optimizing the revenue cycle for general surgery practices.
Can your general surgery billing service assist in improving the overall financial performance of our practice?
Absolutely. Our general surgery billing service is designed not only to ensure accurate billing and reimbursement but also to optimize overall financial performance for surgical practices. Through efficient claims processing, denial management, and compliance adherence, we aim to enhance the financial health of your general surgery practice, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.