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Optimize your physical therapy medical billing for the reimbursement you rightfully deserve!
MedExpress is committed to delivering top-tier physical therapy billing services. Our team handles all aspects, from accurate coding to smooth claims submission, ensuring prompt reimbursement. With us, bid farewell to billing worries and concentrate on your core responsibilities.

Why Opt for MedExpress as Your Physical Therapy Billing Partner?

As a dedicated provider of physical therapy billing services, MedExpress comprehensively understands the intricacies involved in securing reimbursements for physical therapy services. Payers often impose specific criteria, such as documentation standards, treatment duration limitations, and pre-authorization procedures, creating challenges for reimbursement.
At MedExpress, we remain abreast of payer policies and guidelines, ensuring that our clients receive rightful compensation for their services. Leveraging cutting-edge physical therapy medical billing software, we submit accurate claims promptly. Choose MedExpress for your medical billing needs, and experience enhanced efficiency in billing and collections.

Streamlining Compliance for Physical Therapists

Physiotherapists often administer treatments prescribed by physicians, and adhering to insurance company preferences can sometimes lead to conflicts. MedExpress, our medical billing company, aids physiotherapists in accurately documenting services and treatments to align with insurance criteria, reducing potential disputes.

Navigating Billing Complexities in the World of Physical Therapy

Feeling overwhelmed with billing concerns? Fret not! Allow us to alleviate your stress by addressing common issues and ensuring you receive proper compensation for the services you offer.

Appointment Scheduling Woes

Referral-based scheduling in physiotherapy presents unique challenges, particularly when dealing with patients from various networks. The billing and coding process initiates at the appointment stage, demanding accurate insurance coverage verification. Our advanced physical therapy medical billing software, coupled with certified coders, ensures meticulous tracking and precise coding. If you’re seeking assistance with the billing intricacies of your physiotherapy services, we’ve got the expertise to streamline the process and optimize your reimbursements.

Navigating the Maze of Claim Denials in Physical Therapy Billing

Our physical therapy billing services minimize the risk of claim denials and enhance overall profitability. Whether errors are small or disagreements with payers arise, our expert team ensures accurate coding to communicate the treatment provided, reducing the burden on providers to resolve claim issues and facilitating appropriate reimbursement.

Navigating the Complexities of Coding for Physical Therapy Services

Our specialized physical therapy billing services ensure accurate coding for seamless claims submission, reducing the risk of denials and enhancing your practice’s profitability. With a focus on precision in coding, we navigate the complexities of physical therapy billing, addressing the high number of variables and utilizing experienced coders who understand the specific coding requirements for PT. This approach streamlines the revenue cycle, allowing practitioners to concentrate on patient care while optimizing reimbursement. Partner with us to eliminate coding errors and enhance the efficiency of your billing process.

Conquer Your Physical Therapy Billing Challenges with Our Expert Solutions

Are you in search of a reliable physical therapy billing partner? Your search ends here! MedExpress provides comprehensive revenue cycle management (RCM) services, freeing up physiotherapists to concentrate on patient care. Beyond the basics, we cover payroll, enhance revenue, ensure compliance, and more.

Revolutionizing Operations: Where Innovation Meets Efficiency

Choosing MedExpress for your medical billing needs entails partnering with experienced external professionals who take charge of all billing responsibilities. This allows your clinic's practitioners and staff to focus on patient care rather than administrative tasks. The certified specialists at MedExpress bring the necessary expertise to avoid upcoding and downcoding errors. Furthermore, we handle charting and coding compliance, annual payer adjustments, and bill collection, ensuring a smooth and efficient revenue cycle.

Experts in Physical Therapy Billing: Certified and Seasoned

MedExpress ensures outstanding billing for physical therapy services. Our advanced physical therapy medical billing software stays current with annual code changes and evolving rules, ensuring accurate and efficient billing practices. With expertise spanning various medical fields, our certified billing and coding specialists are specifically seasoned in PT, adept at quickly addressing any challenges that may arise. When seeking experienced professionals for coding and billing support in your physical therapy practice, choose MedExpress for unparalleled service.


How does your physical therapy billing service handle coordination with referring physicians and obtain necessary documentation for billing?
Our physical therapy billing services actively coordinate with referring physicians to ensure accurate documentation and communication. We facilitate the exchange of necessary information to support billing for physical therapy services, optimizing the workflow and reducing the likelihood of billing discrepancies.
Yes, our billing services specialize in navigating the complexities of workers’ compensation and auto accident-related claims for physical therapy services. We work closely with healthcare providers to ensure proper documentation, coding, and submission of claims, optimizing reimbursement and compliance with regulatory requirements.
How do your physical therapy billing services manage billing for telehealth sessions and virtual consultations?
Our physical therapy billing services seamlessly incorporate billing for telehealth sessions and virtual consultations into the billing process. We ensure accurate coding for virtual physical therapy visits, staying in compliance with evolving healthcare regulations and reimbursement policies.
Can your physical therapy billing services assist in implementing coding practices for home health and mobile therapy services?
Absolutely. Our physical therapy billing services are well-versed in implementing coding practices for home health and mobile therapy services. We ensure accurate coding for physical therapy services delivered in non-traditional settings, staying in compliance with industry standards and reimbursement policies.
How does your physical therapy billing service handle the billing of durable medical equipment (DME) associated with physical therapy treatments?
Our physical therapy billing services actively manage the billing of durable medical equipment (DME) associated with physical therapy treatments. We ensure accurate documentation, coding, and coordination with suppliers, optimizing the billing process and reducing discrepancies in DME billing.