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MedExpress's Prostheses Billing Solutions

MedExpress’s specialized billing services for prostheses ensure accurate and optimized financial reimbursements. Through our dedicated team, we secure swift payments for our clients, easing the billing process.

Navigating Prostheses Care: A Multifaceted Challenge

Prostheses, orthotics, and durable medical equipment (DME) bring added intricacies to the world of medical billing. Submitting claims correctly for these items is essential to secure coverage from insurers or government payers, but each payer follows distinct guidelines, creating a challenging task for medical office staff to stay well-versed in these details.

Advantages of Outsourcing Prostheses Medical Billing

While routine medical billing benefits from professional management, prostheses billing demands expertise and precision, especially for custom-made items. The high-value nature of prosthetics highlights the importance of accurate coding to avoid revenue losses. Here are further complexities in prostheses billing.

Prostheses Coding and Fitting

Billing for fitting and adjusting prostheses combines the office visit and must exclude additional visit codes on the claim.

Duplicate Codes in Prostheses Billing

Codes for prosthetic provision and user training time have some overlap, and accurate coding is crucial. Billers must correctly identify each instance, use modifiers for reduced services, and prevent duplicate payments. Failure to do so can lead to over-coding and potential fraud charges against the physician.

Uncoded Products

Some prosthetic devices lack specific codes due to missing product reviews, requiring coders and billers to find appropriate codes. Researching this information can be time-consuming, potentially causing labor costs to surpass the claim’s value.

MedExpress: Optimizing Reimbursement and Safeguarding Your Revenue Flow

MedExpress Guarantees Maximum Reimbursements and Financial Stability Through Expert Medical Billing. Our Dedicated Approach Safeguards Your Revenue, Letting You Prioritize Patient Care with Confidence in a Seamless, Revenue-Optimized Operation.

Highly Skilled Committed Billing Professionals

MedExpress offers comprehensive prostheses billing RCM services with a highly skilled team of dedicated and experienced billers. Our advanced approach to medical billing incorporates proprietary software, keeping code information up-to-date and ensuring our billers are proficient in preventing claim rejections and denials.

Precise Coding for Claim Resubmission

Upon encountering rejected or denied claims, our adept billers swiftly identify the discrepancies, gathering the necessary information and ensuring the correct coding is resubmitted promptly. This meticulous task, if handled by less experienced professionals, can consume considerable office time, resulting in higher labor costs and increased revenue loss. Outsourcing this intricate process to a proficient prostheses medical billing company such as MedExpress guarantees maximum reimbursement and minimizes the prevalence of unpaid claims.


How do your prostheses billing services handle coordination with manufacturers and suppliers?
Our prostheses billing services actively coordinate with manufacturers and suppliers to ensure seamless billing processes. We facilitate accurate documentation and communication between healthcare providers, prosthetic clinics, and suppliers, optimizing the billing workflow and minimizing discrepancies.
Can your prostheses billing services assist in navigating prior authorization requirements?
Yes, our prostheses billing services are well-versed in dealing with prior authorization requirements. We work closely with healthcare providers to gather and submit the necessary documentation, ensuring that prosthetic devices meet insurance criteria for coverage. This proactive approach minimizes delays and denials related to prior authorizations.
How do your prostheses billing services address billing for custom-fitted prosthetic devices?
Our billing services specialize in handling the unique challenges associated with custom-fitted prosthetic devices. We ensure accurate documentation of the customization process, proper coding, and adherence to billing guidelines. This attention to detail is crucial for facilitating reimbursement for specialized prosthetic services.
Can your prostheses billing services assist in educating our staff on current coding and billing practices?
Absolutely. We offer educational support to staff members, keeping them informed about the latest coding and billing practices in the prostheses field. This ongoing training ensures that your team is equipped with the knowledge necessary to maintain accurate documentation and billing compliance.
How can your prostheses billing services contribute to a more efficient revenue cycle for our healthcare facility?
Our prostheses billing services contribute to a more efficient revenue cycle by streamlining processes, reducing billing errors, and accelerating reimbursement. We prioritize efficiency in claims submission, payment posting, and denial management, allowing your healthcare facility to focus on delivering high-quality prosthetic care while optimizing financial performance.