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We Simplify the Challenges of Ever-Changing Codes for You.
MedExpressBilling is your source for cutting-edge and effective podiatry medical billing solutions that will supercharge your revenue cycle and optimize your profits quickly.

MedExpressBilling's Comprehensive Range of Psychology Billing Solutions

At MedExpressBilling, we handle your revenue cycle management, from credentialing to annual reviews, safeguarding your income as you prioritize patient care.

Empowering Psychologists to Prioritize Patient Care

In the realm of psychology, the landscape differs from other medical fields, yet it doesn’t exempt practitioners from the challenges of medical billing and coding. With MedExpressBilling, we provide comprehensive revenue cycle management (RCM), encompassing claims processing and adeptly managing rejections and denials. As a psychology billing company, we substantially alleviate administrative burdens, enabling psychologists to dedicate their attention to patient care.

Complete Outsourcing of RCM to a Single Provider Is Possible

Surprisingly, it’s possible to fully outsource RCM to a single provider, and with MedExpressBilling, our cutting-edge software and all-encompassing management approach handle the entire process, from appointment scheduling to payment collection and beyond. Our psychotherapy billing services even start before patient visits by managing insurance credentialing. Additionally, we address annual payer adjustments and refunds, ensuring a seamless financial workflow.

Psychology Billing Presents Unique Challenges

Navigating the complexities of medical billing and coding, which include annual code updates and ever-evolving payer regulations, can be overwhelming for solo practitioners. Below are some prevalent challenges encountered in psychology practices.

Referrals: A Potential Necessity

At times, therapy coverage hinges on obtaining a referral from a family physician. This necessitates confirming a patient’s prior visit to a doctor when scheduling, and it also introduces a networking hurdle for practice success. Building a strong presence within the local medical community is crucial, as medical offices typically refer patients to psychologists they are familiar with and trust for quality care.

Complex Coverage Guidelines Made Simple

While certain healthcare policies completely exclude mental health coverage, those that incorporate it encompass a diverse range of policies. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates the inclusion of mental health and substance use disorder services in Marketplace plans, yet without specifying the extent of coverage. Despite advancements in mental health coverage, therapy regulations can differ among states under the same insurer. As a psychology billing company, we stay well-versed in these intricate and continually evolving rules.

Revitalize Your Profits and Reclaim Your Time with MedExpress: Where Experts Boost Your Revenue

Simplified Mental Health Billing Excellence

Rarely does a service that enhances your business's success and eases your life offer immediate cost recovery. However, efficient mental health medical billing, offered by MedExpressBilling, achieves precisely that. By entrusting us with your billing needs, you'll free up valuable time for patient care, reduce administrative stress, and boost revenue. Our adept claims filing and quick resolution of denied or rejected claims ensure that income isn't lost to errors or missed deadlines, leading to increased profitability.

Our Team Boasts Certified Billing Experts

At MedExpressBilling, we're equipped with certified billing professionals well-versed in psychology billing services and experts in the entire RCM process, ready to assist with every facet. Our tailored services ensure you receive only what truly benefits your practice, without any obligatory extras. Experience enhanced efficiency in revenue management with a free demo today. Gain peace of mind and timely insurance payments, facilitating streamlined practice management workflows.


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