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At MedExpress Billing, we are dedicated to delivering top-tier and reliable pulmonology billing services. Our billing team consists of seasoned pulmonology professionals committed to ensuring swift and optimal reimbursements for our clients.

Risk of Substantial Losses

Due to its significant cost, the pulmonology field faces increased revenue losses due to billing and coding errors. The dynamic nature of pulmonary billing codes can lead to occasional mistakes, but an experienced pulmonology billing team excels at error reduction. They efficiently manage denied and rejected claims, a task that might otherwise consume hours for less-experienced staff, potentially resulting in substantial revenue losses.

Scheduling Challenges in Pulmonary Billing

The pulmonary billing process initiates during scheduling, necessitating the confirmation of insurance coverage and payer prerequisites. Pulmonary care often involves appointment rescheduling to coordinate with other specialists and hospital procedures, along with managing annual processes.

Pulmonology Medical Billing Services

Recent advancements in pulmonary care have improved patient outcomes, but they’ve also introduced more complex medical billing and coding requirements.

Claims with Significant Revenue Loss

While general medical practices often handle a high volume of low-value claims, pulmonology billing involves fewer but more extensive and time-consuming examinations and treatments. In a typical day, a pulmonologist might see 10 to 15 patients. As a result, the impact of a single unpaid claim can be significantly more substantial due to the specialized nature of the services provided.

Complex Coding for Intricate Pulmonary Procedures

Modifiers play a vital role in coding by providing essential specifics necessary for accurate reimbursement of all services provided. Novice coders may be able to find the general code for a procedure but often lack the knowledge required to navigate the multiple levels and numeric details essential for comprehensive billing accuracy.

MedExpress Billing Eases Pulmonology Billing and Coding Worries, Boosting Revenue

MedExpress Billing ensures smooth pulmonology billing and coding operations, alleviating concerns for medical practices. By doing so, we help enhance revenue streams for our clients.

We Lead in Pulmonology Billing and Coding Expertise and Compliance

At MedExpress, our specialized team centers on Pulmonology Billing Services, maintaining a cutting-edge approach to the complexities of billing codes and requirements unique to pulmonary practices. Our certified billers and coders excel in managing the intricacies of pulmonology billing.

Staying Informed About Government Opportunities

Specializing in pulmonology billing allows us to keep current with government incentives, ensuring maximum revenue. Our services encompass daily billing, prompt denials, and rejection responses, and the management of annual payer adjustments and payback when necessary.


How does your pulmonology billing service handle billing for sleep studies and respiratory therapy services?
Our pulmonology billing services specialize in handling the unique aspects of billing for sleep studies and respiratory therapy services. We ensure accurate coding for various sleep-related procedures and respiratory interventions, optimizing reimbursement for pulmonology practices offering these critical services.
Can your pulmonology billing services assist in navigating the complexities of durable medical equipment (DME) billing?
Yes, our pulmonology billing services are equipped to navigate the complexities of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) billing, including respiratory devices. We work closely with healthcare providers to ensure accurate documentation and coding, facilitating proper billing for DME items and minimizing compliance risks.
How do your pulmonology billing services handle billing for both inpatient and outpatient services?
Our billing services are adaptable to the unique challenges of billing for both inpatient and outpatient pulmonology services. We ensure that coding and billing practices align with the specific requirements of each setting, optimizing reimbursement and reducing the likelihood of billing discrepancies.
Can your pulmonology billing services assist with managing the transition to value-based care and alternative payment models?
Yes, our pulmonology billing services stay informed about evolving healthcare models, including value-based care and alternative payment models. We work collaboratively with pulmonology practices to implement billing strategies that align with these models, promoting financial success in changing healthcare landscapes.
How do your pulmonology billing services handle billing for telehealth visits and remote monitoring services?
Our pulmonology billing services seamlessly incorporate telehealth visits and remote monitoring services into the billing process. We ensure accurate coding for virtual consultations and remote monitoring procedures, staying in compliance with evolving healthcare regulations and reimbursement policies.